Overhead Door Openers

What was once considered a residential luxury has now become commonplace with overhead doors. Openers operate using one of three primary methods: chain, screw, or belt.  Barksdale Overahead Doors specializes in the installation or repair of any of these types. 
  • Chain driven openers are the least expensive and most common option.  Chain-driven openers have been around the longest of the three, and have a reputation of being loud.  However, Barksdale Overhead Doors knows how to install them such that a chain driven opener can be almost as quiet as a belt-driven one.  Talk to us to find out how to get a quiet opener and door with the price of a chain.  Don't let anyone tell you it cannot be done.
  • Belt-driven openers use a belt rather than a chain to open the door.  As a result they are quieter and tend to cost more. 
  • Screw driven openers have the fewest number of actual moving parts because the door uses neither a chain nor belt.  A long "screw" or spiral cut rod spins, and raises the door.
Regardless of the type of opener, many people are surprised to learn that the opener motor does not really do the heavy lifting of the door.  The door's opening is actually facilitated by the high tension coil, or spring that is installed along the top of the door itself.  Make no mistake, this spring is very powerful and very tightly wound.  Therefore, adjusting it, repairing it, or tampering with it can be VERY DANGEROUS.  Please do not attempt to work on that spring on your own.  We would be glad to help you with that, and would appreciate your business.  However, for your own safety, even if you do not choose Barksdale Overhead Doors, please contact a professional for assistance in that area.

Finally, the door is activated by using a remote control, which can include a wide variety of options, from turning on lights to being integrated with the buttons in your car.